Penglipuran Village Bali is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this village is located in district Kubu at Bangli Regency. The Village is is one of the tourist destinations in Bali.
penglipuran village bali

Penglipuran village has its own characteristics with the architecture of traditional houses that similar and well-organized starting from the end to the downstream of the village. The position of the main areas is located higher and further dropped to downstream area. Balinese gate (angkul-angkul) which is the access to the residents house in any yard is look uniform, facing each other and separated by a main road that adds to the regularity of the building lies in the Penglipuran Village.Physical arrangement and the village structure is not apart from the people’s culture that have been passed from generation to generation and still adheres to the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.  A philosophy of Hindu religion that always maintain harmonious relations between humans, human to the environment, and human to God.

Penglipuran village currently growing in popularity as an alternative to conventional tourist destination. Many local and foreign tourists come here to see and enjoy the atmosphere of the village which is still natural and beautiful, both from ordinary people, scientists and students that interested to doing research in this village.

penglipuran village bali

Beginning the existence of the Penglipuran village was pre, said at the time of the Bangli Kingdom. The ancestors of these villagers come from Bayung Gede village and settled up to now, while the name “Penglipuran” comes from the word meaning Pengeling temple which has a shrine to commemorate the ancestors.The village community majority are farmers. The village was awarded the Kalpataru and defined as rural tourism by local government in 1995.

Mileage localized approximately 120 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport and approximately 60 minutes drive from Denpasar City when using a motor vehicle. To support tourism there are parking facilities around the village.

Bali hase a million charm start from a state of nature, culture, when you come to Bali and want to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali village that still beautiful and natural and still holds the tradition, you can visit to the Penglipuran Village in Bali.


The ultimate cycling adventure which will give you a unique experience and offers many opportunities to discover the real Bali in a different way.

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‘Memorable & fantastic Cycling Adventure’

Bali Countryside Bike Tour suits all level of ages and skills, from babies, kids, teens to elderly people and from the beginner to the most advanced of riders.
Children’s bikes, attachable bike traveler and baby seats are also available. A support vehicle trailing behind you is always ready to assist at anytime.

This full day cycling tour will take you far away from the regular tourist itinerary and “off the beaten track” deep into rural Bali where you will be able to witness firsthand the daily life of the Balinese people, their local customs and rituals as well as their age-old traditions.

Bali Countryside Cycling Tour - Unique Bali's Cycling Track - Ride Through Bamboo Forest | Visiting Magical Village Penglipuran | Visiting Kehen temple | Rice Paddies Tracking | Mini Lake Route Track One family Riding Bike with kid and baby in bamboo forest with safety
Bali Countryside Cycling Tour - Unique Bali's Cycling Track - Ride Through Bamboo Forest | Visiting Magical Village Penglipuran | Visiting Kehen temple | Rice Paddies Tracking | Mini Lake Route Track.jpg

We offer you some of the most amazing and spectacular routes you may find in this island and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the crowded big city to breathe some fresh air. During the trip, you will be deeply amazed by the exotic views of Bali’s rural landscape and their unspoiled nature

Cycling adventure through the countryside will bring you up close and personal with friendly local people, their unique culture, beautiful villages, stunning landscapes and amazing ancient temples. Exploring the island of God on two wheels is by far the best way to get a fantastic and memorable experience.

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Wide range selection of cycling tracks are available for you. Not only rural villages and rice paddies, we offer you more… off-road paths, secret back roads, dense plantations and bamboo forest are just a few of them. Our routes are also flexible and can accommodate any level of experiences. From the easiest to the most challenging are available depend on your requests and preferences.

Back road and Hidden Trek Ubud ForestUbud Cycling through bamboo forest.jpg

One of our favourite and most memorable routes is when we cycle past an amazing 7.5 hectare of 

bamboo forest. The forest is located in Kubu Village, Bangli regency, about 30 kms north east from Ubud. While riding, you will also have opportunities to see traditional craftsmen at work inside the forest or watch local people cutting down the bamboo for various purposes. This route is ‘exclusive’ to us and NOT offered by any other company. View our tour itinerary in bamboo forest. You can also view our photos collection of riding through bamboo forest.

Bali countryside cycling tour - through the middle of bamboo forest.jpg

Visiting the magical traditional village of PENGLIPURAN and the authentic KEHEN temple are also our exclusive stops during the trips. While most travellers visit these sites on normal tour (by car), we visit them on two wheels!. Unique and fantastic isn’t it? 

By visiting these two famous sites, you can learn and discover more about Balinese culture. Note that we will go inside the temple (not just peeking from the outside). All entrance fees, tickets and sarong have been covered in the price. You will also be taken to visit some other village temples which we pass along the route and discover another facts about local spiritual beliefs and practices.

Walking in Main road of penglipuran village  Visiting second Largest Temple - Kehen Temple
Visiting Penglipuran Village Back Street Track - On The Way From penglipuran to Kehen Temple Visiting Kehen Temple - Bali Countryside Cycling Tour

Our unique services allow you to combine more activities in one trip and provide morespecial service and luxury. 

You can see a lots throughout the day including rice terraces, coffee plantation, temples, bamboo forests, views of the volcano and the crater lake and also the magnificent landscape of the countryside. A very efficient trip especially for travellers with a very limited time in Bali

Cycle through beautiful small lake around Pura Taman
Take Picture at beautiful small lake around Pura Taman

Exclusive stops at a unique Subak water temple called Pura Taman Narmada. This temple is surrounded by rice paddies and a small lake which make it a very nice spot to take a break after the long ride whilst enjoying the fantastic view of rice paddies, temple and lake. 

You will also have opportunity to cycle around the lake through its surrounding paths and rice paddy fields. 

Joining Balinese farmers harvesting the rice how  the rice planted
Spend the day getting to know more the real Bali as you cycle through its picturesque rural landscape. Ride past sleepy villages and see the locals perform their daily chores, working in the fields or taking care of children. Watch local women carry fruits and flowers as an offering to the gods, and village ducks being herded in pretty little processions along the way.
biking with baby kids rider teens bicycle ride elderly biker"

Our bike tours suit all level of ages and skills, from babies, kids, teens to elderly people and from the beginner to the most advanced of riders as the tracks are mostly downhill. Children’s bike and baby/child seats are also available.

The routes are designed with safety in mind. Our guides have unmatched knowledge of all the roads and trails and will take you on some of the best downhill routes that Bali has to offer. At least 2 guides will accompany you during the trips.
You will also be followed by a supporting A/C van along the trips. In case you get tired or can’t continue the ride, you can safely get back into the car. In addition there are some extra men who standby at any major cross roads holding the traffic so it is safe for you when crossing the road.
breakfast kintamani batur - Bali
Breakfast overlooking the awe inspiring Mt. Batur volcano and spectacular view of the crater lake ‘Danau Batur‘. You will get fresh mountain air and see the crater Mt. Batur volcano and lake Batur right from your seat while enjoying the breakfast.
Lunch at authentic bali restaurant amid rice paddies

Fresh lunch at our authentic Balinese style restaurant in the middle of stunning rice terraces. We also cater for vegetarians and can accommodate children with special meals on demand.

A small plantation near the restaurant will allow you to see many of the spices which are commonly used in cooking as well as different tropical fruits growing in their natural environment.
quiet countryside roads
Packed with first class routes, combined with unique itineraries and accompanied by fun, friendly & professional guides make it a complete ‘all in one’ tour package for anyone who loves cycling and will guarantee gives you the most memorable adventure ever.

Bali Cycling - Ubud Bike Ride Through Rice Paddies


Ultimate Bali Countryside Cycling Package Price and Poster

Adult USD 50/pax

Child USD 30/pax

Infant (baby seat) USD 15/pax

Get Special Price for Group Book Minimal 7 Participant

The routes have been designed naturally from start to finish without need of additional pick-up and drop-off between stop points. You will enjoy riding your bicycle all the way through the quiet and green countryside village while at the same time gain an insight to the unique culture of Bali
See more snaps on our photo gallery, find out the detailed itinerary or book now and get ready for the most immersive cycling adventure you will never forget.

Our friendly and fun team at BALI Countryside Cycling Tours invite you to join us for an unforgettable experience and one which we hope you will always remember.

Included in the tour

  • Pick up & drop off (return transfer) by A/C van to your hotel in Ubud/Sanur/Kuta/Seminyak/Nusa Dua (other location to be advised)
  • Professional English speaking cycling guide
  • Bike, helmet and raincoat (during rainy season)
  • Breakfast overlooking the volcano and lake
  • Riding through secret back roads and various plantations
  • Riding through “bamboo forest”
  • A visit to the authentic traditional village of “Penglipuran”
  • A visit to the famous temple “Pura Kehen”
  • Stunning views of terraced rice paddy fields and rural landscape
  • Lunch in our authentic restaurant in the middle of rice paddies
  • In-depth explanations on Balinese culture and local flora and fauna
  • Mineral water in every stops
  • Fresh “young coconut” drink
  • Cold face towel
  • All entrance fees/tickets including sarong
  • Personal insurance coverage

Tips when join this tour

  • Always wear your helmet and attach it properly while riding your bike.
  • Test your bike before the tour starts and check that all the parts of the bike are working properly. Adjust your seat if necessary so that you are seated comfortably and that your feet are able to touch the ground. We always do a thorough check of all parts of the bike before the tour, but you should still double check everything to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident on the bike.
  • Do not ride too close to other riders and always be alert to your guide who should always be in front of you leading the way.
  • Be sure you know how to ride the bike, including usage of gears and other components.
  • Listen to our guide’s explanation on riding safely and follow his instructions.
  • Respect the local culture and customs.
  • Respect nature and the local environment and avoid causing any offence. Help save our earth by following the concept of ‘green tourism’

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