bali beach white sands
Pandawa Beach.

Pandawa Beach located in Kutuh village, a small village in the southern part of Bali. It just 15 minute from the centre of Nusa Dua hotel complex area.

Beside the beauty of the beach, Pandawa Secret Beach is one of the prime area Bali to cultivate seaweed. Daily activities of the local farmers become an unique attraction for the tourist. Seaweed could be processed in to more than 500 products, incliding food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. By the govermant this area declared to be ecotourism destination in Bali

Pandawa Beach South Bali Tour

Formerly the beach is often referred to with the Secret Beach because it was hidden behind the limestone hill, but since officially opened by local authorities in late December 2012 and was held with the Festival, now the Pandavas began bustling beach visited by tourists because of its natural panorama of the exotic.

Before known as a tourist destination, the beach is only used once as a seaweed cultivation by the local community until now.
Why the beach is named after the Pandavas Beach?
It is all due to the steep cliff side road leading to the beach there is a statue of the Panca Pandavas.
Besides having a view of the cliff / hillside chalk that beautiful, Pandawa Beach also has a beautiful panorama, with the characteristics of pure white sand and turquoise sea water, typical of the beaches.
Deserted beaches and atmosphere is very suitable for bathing or swimming because the waves broke in the middle of the sea.
In addition, the Pandawa Beach is also a great place to see the sunrise (sunrise) because it faces east coast.
bali beach white sands
How to get there?
To reach the beach there are 2 alternatives Pandavas distinguished road passable:
First, if you are from Kuta / Denpasar take the road Uluwatu, think ‘1Km from the pedestal you see Nirmala Minimarket intersection, take a left towards Nusa Dua / Bali Cliff, and follow the road to Bali Cliff. guess ‘2 km journey, there is a T-junction with a direction to the Pandavas on the beach side of the road, turn left and follow the road until we came to the intersection (no big signboardnya), then turn right and follow the road until the end to arrive at Pandawa Beach guess’ with 4km distance.
Secondly, if you are from Kuta / Denpasar Ngurah Rai Bypass through Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa met intersection take the right path to Campus High School of Tourism (STP) of Bali, about ‘4km dr STP campus met junction (no big signboadnya) turn left, just follow the way it continues to run on the beach with mileage guess Pandavas’ 8km.

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