Penglipuran Village Bali is located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, this village is located in district Kubu at Bangli Regency. The Village is is one of the tourist destinations in Bali.
penglipuran village bali

Penglipuran village has its own characteristics with the architecture of traditional houses that similar and well-organized starting from the end to the downstream of the village. The position of the main areas is located higher and further dropped to downstream area. Balinese gate (angkul-angkul) which is the access to the residents house in any yard is look uniform, facing each other and separated by a main road that adds to the regularity of the building lies in the Penglipuran Village.Physical arrangement and the village structure is not apart from the people’s culture that have been passed from generation to generation and still adheres to the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana.  A philosophy of Hindu religion that always maintain harmonious relations between humans, human to the environment, and human to God.

Penglipuran village currently growing in popularity as an alternative to conventional tourist destination. Many local and foreign tourists come here to see and enjoy the atmosphere of the village which is still natural and beautiful, both from ordinary people, scientists and students that interested to doing research in this village.

penglipuran village bali

Beginning the existence of the Penglipuran village was pre, said at the time of the Bangli Kingdom. The ancestors of these villagers come from Bayung Gede village and settled up to now, while the name “Penglipuran” comes from the word meaning Pengeling temple which has a shrine to commemorate the ancestors.The village community majority are farmers. The village was awarded the Kalpataru and defined as rural tourism by local government in 1995.

Mileage localized approximately 120 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport and approximately 60 minutes drive from Denpasar City when using a motor vehicle. To support tourism there are parking facilities around the village.

Bali hase a million charm start from a state of nature, culture, when you come to Bali and want to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali village that still beautiful and natural and still holds the tradition, you can visit to the Penglipuran Village in Bali.

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